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I have been in DC for two weeks now.  So far I have:

- Started classes.  Have to drop one out of four.  Must get BACK IN THE ZONE of studying and discussing things, mainly by focusing and working out a caffeine injection schedule.  This is actually the part of my life I'm most worried about right now.  Weird, right?  I think maybe I over-worried about other things.
- Started my job.  I am basically the event planner for these people.  And by "these people," I basically mean one extremely overworked professor.  She likes to talk about "baptism by fire."  That's cool.
- Met a lot of interesting people.  My therapist told me some hackneyed rule about "you'll like 2/3 of the people you meet (and they'll like you), and you won't like 1/3 of the people you meet (and they won't like you)."  And I would say I've liked about 9/10 people I've met so far.  There's a few that I feel could become good friends.  However, I have also met the 1/10, and "damn gina" is all I can say about them folks.  I've been very, very social, though, and it's come surprisingly easy to me. 
- Read way too much about realism.  Goddamn you, realism!
- Had an allergic reaction to something unknown, broken out in hives, and gotten driven to the hospital by a roommate at 6 a.m.  Was late to class as a result.
- Gotten a SmarTrip card!  It is my pride and joy.
- Learned to love the bus system.
- Been on the outskirts of a hurricane (I hope everyone on the f-list is ok!). 
- Watched the worst movie of all-time with other roommate and other roommate's friends during said hurricane.  Speaking of roommates, they are awesome.  Sadly I will be leaving them on Sept. 16th to move into my permanent place, but happily my permanent place is walking distance to campus to save me from that hour-long commute. 
- Lived in Columbia Heights.  I love it.  But I'm moving to boring-but-convenient Tenleytown.
- Eaten a lot of phở.  My new favorite food.
- Signed up for yoga group sessions at the university.  I've been doing yoga by myself all summer (very badly, I don't doubt), but I found that I could actually hold the poses on Sunday, whereas other people were teetering.  I was kind of proud of myself. 
- Been the cool graduate student.  Sometimes even the cool older graduate student (to those fresh-out-of-college younglings).
- Spent $16 of the $25 of printing money my ID card came with.  Clearly these cards are not designed for grad students.
- Figured out (I think) what I want to do next summer. 
- Started watching Mad Men.  Won't say it's the most awesome show ever, but it's very watchable.
- Met a guy. 

One of my temporary roommates, Alias, gave me the advice/kick-in-the-ass I needed on the second full day I was here, when I was complaining about feeling "disoriented."  I said something about not knowing that Circulator buses existed, with the excuse that I'm "not a local, you know," and he said very seriously, "Well, guess what.  You just became one."

I've had this cover stuck in my head for the past few days (I hum it at bus stops, people give me weird looks, etc.):

Oh shit.  The roof is leaking.  BRB.
Tags: another brick in the wall, mother nature is going to eat us, of boys and men, people are people, roam if you want to, safe as houses

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