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Tennis is my new DBZ-substitute.  And oh, when it works, it's better than NCAA football could ever be (I know football has physical contact on its side - it's also a team sport, and in tennis, injury is a guaranteed loss unless you're Michael Chang).  I should point out that a lot of times, it doesn't work.  A lot of matches are ho-hum, clinical, predictable.  If you win the first set 6-2, you're not usually going to lose the second 6-3, and you pretty much never lose the third set 6-0. 

I realized this when I realized I was watching the Federer-Davydenko quarterfinal for like the fourth time on ESPN 360 (Hulu for sports psychos!).  And not just the exciting finish or the comfortable middle sets either.  The whole damn thing, horrifically bad beginning and all.  I actually watched it live too - starting at MIDNIGHT, thank you Williams sisters - but I had to keep switching to the X-Files (which had a creepy evil doll premise but rather disappointing execution - the fact that it was co-written by Stephen King is making me seriously doubt all that I thought was right).  Watching this match was like watching a DBZ episode.  Minus the blood and explosions.  The commentators called it "the weirdest match they'd ever seen," and if by weird they mean roller-coaster-awesome, then yes, I agree. 

On a tangentially related note, I watched Shaft (2000) tonight.  I was a little doubtful at first, but then I saw Christian Bale's name in the opening credits and Christina said he played the bad guy and I was like, WHERE DO I SIGN UP.  And it was actually a pretty awesome movie, so good job, Shaft.  Keep in mind I think Running Scared is one of the most underrated action movies out there and I kept seeing actors I LOVE in it (me: "Look, it's Mekhi Phifer!"  "Look, it's Beecher!"), so I was pretty easily convinced.  Vanessa Williams was useless (not an actress...), but Toni Collette was awesomely realistic.
Tags: awesome movies, dbz lolz, fifty percent pain, macho macho macho man
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