May 30th, 2010


Better Know Some Midwestern Shit, Part 1

First off, what the hell is up with LJ's "subtitle"?  "Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests"?  Sounds like a robot took over.

So I was looking at the Culver's menu (my mother's obsessed with their ice cream), and had a good time with the pictures.  In case there are people that don't know, Culver's is a Midwestern burger chain.  As with anything Midwestern, there are weird undertones of "family values" at Culver's.  Their claim to fame is the ButterBurger.  Sounds bad, actually not that bad.  Part of their slogan: "If you’ve been to a Culver’s and experienced fresh, delicious food served with friendly smiles, you’ve been Culverized."  Yeeee-aaaah.

First we have some slab chicken on stone bread:

Next we have some alien crabs on bread:

And the winner, a sandwich to rival the worst sandwich I have ever had:

It looks awful as shit to me (true, good food to me often involves rice, but not always, and I do eat sandwiches and burgers).  I mean, McDonald's has better photos.  I'm not saying the food itself is shit, mind you - I've never had any of these particular beauties - but can we maybe invest in some better photography?  Slap some lettuce and tomatoes on this shit?  Just for the hell of it?