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a sense of joy and then a panic
a sense of joy and then a panic
let me hear you make decisions without your television* 
Several weeks back I told my mom I'd give her $20 if Lee "Black Hole of Talentlessness" DeWyze didn't win American Idol.  Guess what?  I'm keeping my $20!

Anyway, a music meme:

First, make a list of your top 8 artists overall. Then, for each of these artists, add the 7 most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, count up the number of entries in your library and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. The higher your score, the more varied your music is.

(Note: Don't include the band members as solo artists, or with another band)


You like the exhortation to use Last FM, right?  

I don't know if there's a special computer-approved way to get these top 8 artists, but I just made my own list using... arbitrary gut instinct / what is true right now.  But I did use Last FM to find "Similar Artists."

Depeche Mode
[  ] Camouflage
[  ] De/Vision
[  ] Erasure
[  ] And One
[  ] Mesh
[  ] Pet Shop Boys
[  ] Duran Duran
I have no idea who most of these people are. 

[ x ] Muse
[ x ] Coldplay
[ x ] Beck
[ x ] Sigur Ros
[ x ] Interpol
[ x ] Blur
[ x ] Placebo
Okay, this is pretty funny.

Death in June
[  ] Current 93
[  ] Boyd Rice and Friends
[ x ] Der Blutharsch
[  ] Blood Axis
[  ] Strength Through Joy
[  ] Dernière Volonté
[  ] Rome
You know, Pandora keeps giving me Current 93, but I'm just not into it.

[  ] Oomph!
[  ] Eisbrecher
[  ] Megaherz
[ x ] Marilyn Manson
[ x ] Rob Zombie
[  ] Static-X
[ x ] System of a Down
In other words, not the German stuff.  Or Static-X.

The Sisters of Mercy
[  ] Fields of the Nephilim
[  ] Rosetta Stone
[  ] The Merry Thoughts
[ x ] Bauhaus
[  ] Clan of Xymox
[  ] Christian Death
[  ] Big Electric Cat
I think this one wins the names category.

[  ] Babes in Toyland
[  ] L7
[  ] 7 Year Bitch
[  ] Veruca Salt
[ x ] Nirvana
[  ] Bitch Alert
[  ] Auf der Maur
Ok, the only one I've heard of outside of Nirvana is Veruca Salt.

[  ] Coil
[  ] Foetus
[  ] Godflesh
[  ] Throbbing Gristle
[  ] Nurse With Wound
[  ] Psychic TV
[  ] Lydia Lunch
So, pick your splatterpunk title.

Fiona Apple
[  ] Rachel Yamagata
[ x ] Tori Amos
[ x ] Regina Spektor
[ x ] PJ Harvey
[ x ] Alanis Morissette
[ x ] Cat Power
[ x ] Feist
Another "Radiohead", I see.

* Because Rammstein should do more covers of Depeche Mode songs.
05.27.10 (UTC)
wait, what do they mean by counting up the number of entries in my library and determining my score?

my library has 1,134 entries. :P http://www.last.fm/user/royinpink
05.27.10 (UTC)
Erm, judging by the entry of the person I took it from, I think they just mean to count off how many of the similar artists you have songs by in your library. IDK. I decided not to be too complicated.
05.27.10 (UTC)
people gotta learn to use words.
05.27.10 (UTC)
No, words are satan

omg Satan is spell-check approved but satan is not
05.27.10 (UTC)
look, i spend my time interpreting sentences like this (person insists it is their own words, though i suspect online translator). i expect better from english speakers.

"So it became first asset stage government regnant country.It accelerate pushed capitalistic policy ,and accelerate industry revolution developing."

So it became the ruling government of the first stage's most essential country? It accelerated capitalism and the development of the industrial revolution.

"Because the factories and industry appear,more people moved to cities. following th aquestion-crowd and ill"

Because factories and industry appeared, more people moved to cities. Following that, people lived more crowded together and became ill?
05.27.10 (UTC)
i suppose in their mind, online translator = "their own words"
05.27.10 (UTC)
That's it entirely. Online translators are hilarious.

On the other hand, we need the verb "accelerate push." You know that's just a double-character verb where Google translate (or whatever your students are using) just took both characters and put in the meaning.
05.27.10 (UTC)
oh my...
05.27.10 (UTC)
05.27.10 (UTC)
Also, from my notes on presentations:

Ice: advantages of gloves
Bindu: hard to understand, talked to wall but talked awhile
Mark: describe functions "You can call Bindu"
Jack: sold Elvis's shirt
05.27.10 (UTC)
k, those are really hilarious

"talked to wall but talked awhile" sounds like it needs to be in a song or something. Or maybe it just reminds me of Evita: "she didn't say much but she said it loud."
05.27.10 (UTC)
Words are satan (heh: Safari spell check doesn't mind lowercased satan... doesn't like "heh" though).

I need that as a tag.
05.27.10 (UTC)
Do it, do it!

Safari spell check is lax about evil but not about comedy.
05.27.10 (UTC)
Ha! Safari: the satanic web browser.

Now I need to write a post worthy of the tag words are satan...
05.27.10 (UTC)
Don't you work in editing? You should have plenty of subject material! I love how I don't have any clue what most of my lj friends do as a living.
05.27.10 (UTC)
I know what you mean about not knowing what people do!

And yeah, now that you mention it, I'm swimming in appropriate material -_-
05.27.10 (UTC)
OH, the number of the similar artist that are also in your library? got it.
05.27.10 (UTC)
05.27.10 (UTC)
Yes, that is what I gathered.
05.27.10 (UTC)
The paint salesman won American Idol, thus proving that - given the choice between caviar and graham crackers, more people prefer crackers.

(P.S. I'd do your meme but I'm so old that most of the people I'd name have already been imitated to death by everyone else. HINT: I saw Dylan in concert right *after* his Christian phase.)
05.27.10 (UTC)
Yeah, I wasn't surprised at all. This is why I prefer reality shows where it's judges' choice, not popular vote. Screw democracy! Four legs good two legs better!

Aw, well, you'll just end up with a bunch of "Radiohead"s. Also, I have no idea about anything Bob Dylan-related, trufax, although plenty of people in my generation do!
05.27.10 (UTC)
I stopped using last FM because it made my computer overheat, but when I was using it, I thought the similar artists thing was cool--though if you picked an obscure enough artist to start with, the number of similar artists you'd get was pretty small.
05.27.10 (UTC)
haha, I just thought Last FM was too much work! What was annoying about "similar artists" and this meme was figuring out who'd been a part of the original band and was doing some random splinter group.
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