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the stately homes of england, how beautiful they stand

How cool is my alma mater high school, yo?
Several Lincoln East High School students were suspended Wednesday for making or distributing fake "green cards" thrown onto the field after the championship soccer game against Omaha South.

Sixty percent of Omaha South's students are Latino -- and the green cards were an apparent reference to immigration status.

East administrators have talked with administrators at Omaha South. They also have talked with students who accepted the cards, stressing they are just as culpable for condoning the actions of those distributing them, Cassata said. And, they talked to a couple of students who waved American flags because the flags hadn't been present at other soccer games.
I shouldn't have to note that East is the high school that has the second-lowest percentage of minority students, and the lowest percentage of students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.  In other words, it's the old rich white high school.  Bonus from the assistant principal, who used to be my biology teacher who advocated creationism, and also got a veteran history teacher fired for showing Baghdad E.R. (HDU show injured soldiers!):
"We saw absolutely zero green cards during the game, and we were extremely proud of our students," Mann said.
Yes, the moral of the story is to be proud of the students who didn't display green cards under threat of ejection from the game.  Wow!
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